Inspiration for Event

This year marks 50 Golden years of growing up in Surrey for Gurjinder K. Bhurji. She has seen the City grow in population, in businesses, and in real estate as well. Her four children also have been raised in Surrey. While always active it was not until her mid forties she began focusing on improving her health by walking and jogging to help her recover from her surgeries of her fourth child. Gurjinder fell seriously ill with a medical condition that necessitated numerous blood transfusions and extensive treatment. She credits the dedicated care supplied by her doctors and hospital employees,  as well as the many anonymous blood donors, for saving her life. After recovering from her surgeries, Gurjinder was motivated to take better care of herself and took up walking and running to improve her physical and mental health. She continues to run the streets of Surrey and enters road races whenever she can find them.

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Today Gurjinder is a passionate advocate for the City and a proponent of giving back to the community that saved and changed her life.  Last year with the launch of the Inaugural Virtual RunSurreyRun, over 400 participants showed that they shared her passion for a community Walk/Run in our own City of Surrey even in the midst of Covid-19.  Physical exercise including walking/running improves a person’s mental, emotional and physical state and walking/running is considered one of the most popular forms of weight control. Walkers and runners just get it. They rush to the finish line even if someone else has reached it first.  

Gurjinder founded RunSurreyRun for all to enjoy walking and running together. “Please join me in making the next event an even more memorable one and help ensure it will endure for the ages. Let’s join together in our City of Surrey to collectively leave a legacy for future generations”.....and remember no matter how slow you go, it will still be healthier than sitting on the couch.