Run Surrey Run Road Race Etiquette Guidelines

To ensure that everyone – participants, spectators and volunteers alike – have a fun filled and successful event experience, please read our road race etiquette guidelines below:

  • Read the website, entry form or other race information. Pay particular attention to deadlines as this helps the Organizers to prepare for the race day.
  • Respect entry restrictions. Check first if the race permits wheelchairs or baby joggers, or imposes a minimum age etc. If in doubt, check with the race organizers first. Information relating to entry restrictions should be adhered to.
  • Respect entry restrictions. Any means of self-propulsion (rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, etc.) is not permitted. Running with dogs or other animals is also not allowed, if in doubt please check with the race organizers first.
  • Pre-register if you can. It will save you money. Fill out your form completely and legibly. On-line registration is encouraged. If paying online make sure that you get a confirmation of payment to verify that you are officially registered.
  • Pay attention to package pickup hours so that you have everything with you for the actual race day. Carefully check your information at packet pickup. Please let staff at the pick up centre know if there are any mistakes.
  • Pin your number on the FRONT of your shirt or outermost clothing and keep it visible at all times, and especially at the finish. Announcers, photographers, timers and medics use it to help identify you.
  • Please do not run without a number, or if you did not register as this can cause errors in the recording of times and positions of those legitimately entered.
  • Do not allow another runner to use your number. In the event of an accident or medical condition, wrong information may have serious consequences.
  • If the event includes races of different distances, do not switch races without approval, as you may not get an official finish me, or it can lead to errors in the results.
  • Position yourself appropriately at the start. If you are running slowly or walking, start at the back, so as not to obstruct quicker participants. Visually impaired runners accompanied by a guide should also start at the back of the field.
  • Do not start before the designated start me, unless the race specifically has an early start for walkers.
  • If you need to walk or slow abruptly during the race, move to the side of the road first. If you must leave the course, be sure to return to it at the same point as you le it.
  • Run facing traffic unless directed to do otherwise by a race official.
  • Remember cars and other traffic have the right of way on the road. Only cross at intersections or when directed to do so.
  • Don't cut the course. If the course is open to traffic, do not cross the centre line of the road. Make sure to go around any cones or other markers on the appropriate side.
  • Don't block other runners at any me.
  • The use of portable headphone devices (iPods, MP3 players, Walkmans, CD players, etc.) is discouraged - for your safety and the safety of others. You MUST be aware of your surroundings at all times and this includes being able to hear any verbal warnings/instructions from police/course officials; or the sound of any vehicles and other participants on the course. If you choose to wear a portable headphone device during a race, you do so at your own risk and on your own responsibility.
  • Pacing by a non-participant is not permitted. This includes cyclists riding alongside participants.
  • Aid from any person not involved in the race is not allowed except in emergencies. If you see a person in distress, give aid, or advise a race volunteer. If you receive aid, and continue, you may not be eligible for awards.
  • Remember there are other people in the race, be courteous and allow them to have the same experience that you expect.
  • Respect private property. Use toilets provided by race organizers.
  • When you reach the finish line, keep moving through the finish area so that others can finish behind you.
  • Only cross the finish line once. And do not cross the finish if you did not complete the full course. Doing otherwise will lead to errors in the results, and deny legitimate winners of their prizes.
  • If you have to drop out after starting, make sure you or someone informs race volunteers at the finish, identifying yourself by your race number. Otherwise they may be waiting for you.
  • Be courteous to the volunteers. We have an event to run because of their generosity.
  • Stay for the awards. Celebrate the winners. You may have won a prize yourself, and it is courteous to the organizers and sponsors to be present to receive it.
  • Smile… and congratulations in participating in the second Virtual and First In-Person Road
    RunSurreyRun 5K & 10K event!!!!

- Adapted from the BC Athletics Road Race Etiquette Guidelines

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