2023 Run Surrey Run Race Schedule

In-Person Race Start Time and Location

Start Time: 

Sunday, Sep 10th @ 9:00 am 

Please arrive by 8:45am for pre-race warm up.

Run/ Walk Starts times

9:00 am Under 45 min 10 Km Run 

9:10 am Under 45 min 5 Km Run 

9:15 am Under 60 min 10 Km Run 

9:20 am Under 60 min 5 Km Run  

9:25 am Under 2 Hrs and 30 min 10 Km Run and the 5 Km Run

9:30 am Under 2 Hrs and 30 min 5 Km Walkers, 10km Walkers, followed by Strollers/Wheelchairs 


Please Note:

If you are unable to complete the 10K Walk/Run/Roll under 2 Hours and 30min, we encourage you to register for the 5K instead.

Roads will begin opening after the time allotted for the event, and participants will be asked to move over to the sidewalk to complete the event.

The Runners will start first and as we did have competitive runners last year, this year we ask all walkers/rollers to stay to the right side and let the faster runners pass on the left side. 

The 5km is just over 5 km (5.3 km) and loop is done twice is just over 10 km (10.6 km).

Timing chips will record according to that distance at the finish line (if necessary please use your GPS to note exact time and distance if this is important ).

There may be times when local traffic may be allowed to flow through when there are gaps. 

This is the second year for the in person event and our goal is to gradually build this event each year to keep an annual Road race going for our own City of Surrey. It is currently aimed more for total community engagement for all ages and abilities. 


Registration & Contact Details:

Online Contact Form


Start and Finish for RunSurreyRun location 

Holland Park, 13428 Old Yale Rd, Surrey, BC V3T 3C7

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